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Business Planning Package
Business Planning Package
Sale price: $799.00

4CDs, 1 Binder, Forms CD

Guides you through creating and maintaining the appropriate business structures, including making decisions on whether to use a corporation, limited liability company, limited family partnership, etc. I teach you to use these structures properly to legally shield your assets and plan for maximum tax savings. Your business is your most important tax shelter. You will be able to make an extra $10,000 plus this year.

  • Corporation documents (Both C and S Corporations), including Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Waiver of Notices, Minutes of Organizational Meeting, Minutes of a Special Meeting Documents for simple Section 105 employee benefit plans, and an extensive 38 point checklist for making your Corporation hold up in court.
  • Limited Liability Company documents, including Articles of Organization, Operating Agreement, Purchaser’s Membership Interest Certificate, and special 27 point checklist of Items to Review for ensuring your LLC's limited liability will hold up in court.. The LLC is your most flexible business tool today.
  • General Partnership, includes a full agreement. Sixty percent of the population is in a General Partnership. You don’t want the liability of being in a General Partnership, but if you are going to be in one, use this document and define what you are doing. Learn how to tell if you are in a partnership already – you probably don’t even know you’re in one. Over half of the population is in a general partnership, and they don’t know it. They are hanging out fully exposed. Where is the attack coming from? Do what you can to protect yourself now.
  • Family Limited Partnership, includes agreement and Certificate of Limited Partnership Interests. This is a business tool for the family. It gives great asset protection, tax advantages and estate planning advantages.
  • Independent Contractor’s Agreement, includes several examples of the agreements. Read them and use the one that best fits your situation. Without the document, you may think you are hiring the guy as an independent, but when there is a law suit, the presumption of law is he is your employee.
  • Real Estate Lease includes the kitchen-sink business lease. It has everything including the kitchen sink. Take out the parts you don’t like, and you’ve got your lease left.
  • Equipment Lease gives you a written lease template to use right away. Renting equipment to your own business is a neat asset protection tool and tax planning tool. You have to use the LLC or FLP, but it works if you set things up properly with a written lease.

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