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Boot Camp September 2019 Early Bird Registration
Boot Camp September 2019 Early Bird Registration
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2 day live training event, 200+ page course manual, AND personal consultation time with US Supreme Court Advisor Attorney, Fiduciary Financial Advisor, and Tax Expert with over 7 years experience in the IRS and a Masters in Tax Planning.

  • How to protect a "good" property from a property that is upside down and sinking
  • How to create and use your operating agreement in an LLC to provide more asset protection shielding
  • See the Big Picture of Asset Protection, Tax Planning, Business Structuring, Plus Estate Planning, and how they fit together
  • How to avoid what the IRS is Gunning for When You Buy Real Estate in Your Roth IRA
  • How to really minimize your audit risk with the IRS
  • How to use Tax Law to your advantage
  • How to build your own asset protection shiels to protect your real estate and your business
  • How to keep from being screwed by life insurance companies. Life Insurance is a big tax tool and necessary part of most people's lives, BUT you don’t need to be BURNED. (Don’t worry, you won’t get sold life insurance. It’s just a tool we study so you can use it to your advantage.)
  • How to protect your investments in an uncertain economy
  • How to run a Professional Practice/Business and while getting the maximum asset protection.
  • How to get double the ASSET PROTECTION your attorney talked about

That’s what you said you wanted, and that’s exactly what Lee and his team will give you at the Money Making and Asset Protection Boot Camp!! The bottom line is this, we had more positive feedback from our last Money Making and Asset Protection Boot Camp from the attendees than ANY event we’ve EVER done, and now, we’ve honed it, refined it for the new laws and made it into the BEST BOOT CAMP YOU’LL EVER ATTEND.

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