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Estate Planning Basics


Anonymity is a Myth

For some gurus out there, anonymity is the name of the game.  Some try to tell you,”No one can sue you if they don’t know who you are.” But you need to know that anonymity is a myth. In this day and age, no one is anonymous.  […]

Insurance when Property is Deeded to a Living Revocable Trust

Estate planners and financial planners keep up a constant call to use a living trust and avoid probate. Yes, the living trust works well to avoid probate, IF it is used properly.  In order to avoid probate, the trust has to own the real property that would […]

IRA Beneficiaries

When everything works right after an IRA’s owner dies, a named beneficiary takes over their IRA. Unfortunately, sometimes a living beneficiary is not available. What often happens is a husband and wife set up an IRA and they name each other as beneficiaries. When the first spouse […]

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