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Estate Planning Basics

Asset Protection Trust

The term “asset protection trust” isn’t really a legal term, so when someone uses it, you always have to question what the person is talking about. It would have to be an irrevocable trust, because revocable trusts don’t offer any asset protection. Yes, that includes land trusts. […]

Testamentary Trust vs Revocable Living Trust

People are becoming more sophisticated about the type of trusts they are getting, so I don’t see as many testamentary trusts as I used to.  But there are still lots of people with them who have told me their trust was going to avoid probate when they […]

Can I Write My Own Trust?

Sure you can write your own revocable living trust.  In fact, you can do it better than a lot of the attorneys.  First you have to ascertain that you really want a trust.   The discussion of your need for a revocable living trust is in another of […]

What is a Trust?

The basic concept of a trust is often mystified by the attorneys and those trying to sell them to a client.  I want to demystify it for you. Let’s go through the basics, just so we are all on the same page.  A trust doesn’t have to […]

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