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Estate Planning Basics

Shift Taxes to Someone Else

It may seem impossible to shift taxes to someone else, but it is a long established tax planning technique of the wealthy. Income is moved away from family members in a higher tax bracket to family members in a lower tax bracket.  Shifting income is still a […]

Child Exemptions in Divorce

Child Exemptions in Divorce

One of my clients is going through a miserable divorce, and she asked me what to do about filing her taxes in the coming year.   She has been separated for seven months and has been the sole caretaker of the children. She does not want to be […]

Inheritance – Keep Yours

Inheritance - Keep Yours

One of the best things you can do for your parents is to help them get their estate planning done.  It will not only give them peace of mind, it will also help you ensure your inheritance.  Smart estate planning calls for both the proper forms and […]

Due-On-Sale Clause

Way back around 1980 when interest rates were climbing, mortgage companies wanted to make sure they got in on the action instead of being tied into 30-year mortgages at the lower, previous rates.  Wouldn’t it be nicer for them if they could ensure that if any property […]

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